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The Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur functions under the Supervision, directions and control of Election Commission of India. Its major tasks are to conduct of Elections to the Legislative Assembly, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha, President and Vice President of India, Preparation and updation of Electoral Rolls, Issue of Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) to voters, Rationalization of polling stations from time to time.

Manipur became a Union Territory in 1956 and later, in 1972, a full-fledged State. It has 60(sixty) Legislative Assembly Constituencies, 2(two) House of People (Lok Sabha) Constituencies and 1(one) Council of States (Rajya Sabha) Constituency. It has 2(two) Divisions and 9(nine) Districts. The Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency consists of 32(thirty two) Legislative Assembly Constituencies and 1(one) Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency. The Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency has 28(twenty eight) Legislative Assembly Constituencies and 1(one) Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency. The total population of the state is 27,21,756 lakhs as per 2011 census. The total number of voters at the beginning of 2012 is 17,41,581 and it has 97.03% coverage of Photo Electoral Rolls and EPICs.

This site has been designed to provide requisite information to the public regarding the election machinery, their electoral rights and procedures to be followed etc. The site also provides ready to access the Electoral Rolls of the state, the Electoral Roll Management Systems (ERMS) software, Elector Search and downloading of various Statutory Forms.