Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) & Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Voting Machine

  • EVM is a simple and reliable equipment for use in electing a candidate from among many candidates
  • It is portable and easy to operate
  • It operates on a special Power Pack containing interconnected Batteries
  • It is tamper-proof and error free
  • The polling data once recorded is retained even when the power pack is removed

What is the Need?

  • Modernises the election process
  • Simple to operate and can be installed in a short time
  • No scope for invalid votes
  • Total secrecy of voting data
  • Facilitates quick and accurate counting possible to declare results on the same day
  • Re-usable by simply resetting the machine for the next election
  • Huge expenditure involved in printing, storing and transportation of ballot papers is avoided

How does the voter use it?

  • The process is basically the same as the present method
  • The voter is identified, his/her signature obtained and indelible ink mark put on the index finger
  • Instead of being given a ballot paper at this stage a ballot is released by pressing a button on the Control Unit
  • The voter then proceeds to the Voting Compartment where the Balloting Unit is kept and votes in secrecy
  • The balloting Unit has a conventional Ballot Paper (with names and symbols of the contestants) displayed and secured under a transparent protective cover
  • The voter simply presses a button against the candidate of his/her choice
  • A light adjacent to the button pressed glows red followed by a beep indicating the vote is recorded

How Are the Votes Counted?

  • At the end of the poll, the Control Unit and Ballot Unit are switched off and sealed in separate carrying cases in the presence of the candidates or their agents
  • They are then sent to secure storage centers till the day of the counting
  • On the day of counting the Control Units are taken to the counting tables
  • On pressing the “RESULT” button the Control Unit displays the following
    • Total No. of votes cast
    • Individual votes recorded against each of the candidates

Is It Fail Proof?

  • The EVM has been specially designed to collect, record, store, count and display voting data cent per cent accurately
  • All mechanical, electrical and software security features are provided to ensure the integrity of the voting data

Can it be tampered with or rigged?

  • It is a state-of-the-art electronic instrument that cannot be tampered with
  • It incorporates a microprocessor that has ‘burnt in’ software which cannot be altered or replaced
  • In case of a booth capture, the presiding Officer can shutdown the EVM by pressing the “CLOSE” button
  • No votes can be cast on that unit thereafter
  • On resumption of voting, another EVM must be used to continue the poll